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Manage Your ENTIRE Content Creation Process in Notion.

❓ Feeling like you're constantly on content hamster wheel ... and worse, you're seeing no actual results?-
❓ Always running out of content ideas or confused of what you should post and say on Insta' or Twitter or Linkedin?
-❓ Overwhelmed with all the strategies, hacks, tips 'n tricks you read about everyday on the web?
-❓ Feeling like content is the last thing you wanna do in your biz?
-❓ Tired of shoving scattered ideas between Evernote & Apple Notes, managing projects in Trello, and tediously tracking analytics in Google Sheets? Yeah, me too.

Truth is, Content creation can be messy.
And If you've found yourself in any of these positions, I want you to know something ... 👇 Content should be SIMPLE and FUN, not OVERWHELMING and CONFUSING. And that's reason I created the Ultimate Content Hub (Content Engine) for YOU 💜

Stop Juggling Tools. Start Working Faster.

This all-in-one social media content planner (calendar) Notion template will help you streamline your content creation process, nail down your Instagram content strategy and help you never run out of content ideas again. In fact you'll learn how to create strategic content that will attract and magnetize your ideal client ...

WHAT INCLUDED IN THE CONTENT HUB?(Psst... its Everything you need for content creation.)
☑️ Main content dashboard - track if you have any content that’s overdue, urgent, missing visuals or has no schedule date set yet, weekly status, content calendar
☑️ Monthly overview of your marketing efforts
☑️ Content notebook - 7 comprehensive views to organize and plan your content like a pro (+ templates for Single post, Carousel and Reel)
☑️ Relevant dates - to track and map out key promotional dates, so you can can strategically align your content with them
☑️ Batching workflow and repurposing guide
☑️ Brainstorming hub - my brainstorming content formula to generate content ideas with ease, and track your content from idea to published.
☑️ Content strategy - 5-step content strategy to create content that's actually aligned with your ideal client's goals and needs
☑️ Branding guidelines board - to define the look and feel of your brand and store all of your visual assets☑️ Channels (Platforms) - to Manage all your social media channels in one place.
☑️ Marketing goals & milestones by Quater or Status
☑️ Personal CRM - to Grow your network of friends and partners.☑️ Sponsorships - to Track your sponsorships from leads to collaboration.☑️ (Bonus 1) Plus Access to your frequently visited tools and resources.
☑️ (Bonus 2) Creatives Project management hub - Fully Integrated.☑️ (Bonus 3) Instagram & Twitter profile optimization checklist

Get the Notion Content Creators Hub & Supercharge your content creation today.

👨‍💼 Who is it for?

  • Put it simply - Notion Content Creators Hub is for anyone that wants to streamline their content creation process & never wants to run out of content ideas again.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase

  2. Follow the Links to the Template

  3. Duplicate the Template

What will you need?

  • A device to access Notion (e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

  • A Notion account (It’s free to sign up for a personal plan!)

Please remember:

This is also for personal use. You only hold a limited license to use this template and you cannot redistribute or reproduce or sell the template. If you have any questions please email [email protected].

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