➡️ Notion Financial Management Hub (Freelancer & Agency) ✔️

Introducing the Finances Management Hub Notion template – your simple solution for managing and understanding your money.It's a must-have tool for financial management, the Financial Management Hub empowers you to effortlessly track your income and expenses, manage multiple accounts, and gain valuable insights into your financial health.

Here's what this innovative TEMPLATE offers:

  1. Track Income and Expenses: Effortlessly monitor your income and expenses in one centralized platform. Keep a clear record of your financial transactions, ensuring you stay on top of your financial flow.

  2. Manage Multiple Accounts: Seamlessly manage multiple accounts with ease. Whether it's checking, savings, or credit cards, you can efficiently organize and monitor all your accounts in one convenient location.

  3. Yearly Overview: Get a comprehensive overview of your financial activity for the year. Review your total income, expenses, and capital on each account, empowering you to make informed financial choices.

  4. Monthly Transactions: Easily navigate through your monthly transactions to understand how your money flows. Grouped by month, this feature provides a clear picture of your spending habits and helps you identify areas for improvement.

Take charge of your finances, make informed decisions, and achieve your financial goals with the Simple Finance Tracker. Simplify your financial management and embrace a more secure and prosperous future.

👨‍💼 Who is it for?

  • Web Design Freelancers & Agencies

  • Graphic Design Freelancers & Agencies

  • Marketing Freelancers & Agencies

  • Advertising Freelancers & Agencies

  • Creative Freelancers & Agencies

  • Digital Freelancers & Agencies

  • Growth Freelancers & Agencies

  • PR Freelancers & Agencies

  • Any Freelance / Agency business handling projects, tasks, clients, and finances

How does it work?

  1. Purchase

  2. Follow the Links to the Template

  3. Duplicate the Template

What will you need?

  • A device to access Notion (e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

  • A Notion account (It’s free to sign up for a personal plan!)


1. What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that allows you to take notes, add tasks, manage projects, and get organized. Whether you're writing or planning, Notion has a versatile design for getting things done.

2. Will I need to pay for a Notion subscription?

No, Notion does offer a free personal plan with no strings attached.

3. How I will receive a template?
Click "I want this" button & after purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Notion template to your workspace.

4. Can I customize this template?

Yes! This template is entirely customizable. You can operate as many changes as you like without any additional charges.

5. Are there any restrictions on template usage?

Yes! This is exclusively for personal use only. You hold a limited license and cannot redistribute, reproduce, or sell the template. If you have any questions please email

6. How can I become an affiliate?

Click here to fill out the affiliate form.

7. If you have any more question
Just write me an Email or DM me on Twitter.


  1. This Product (Template) works with Notion only. It is compatible with Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphones. Smartphone and Tablet layouts will appear differently than on desktop or laptop, however, the layout of the template is the same.

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