🔘🔘 Your A.I Writing Replica (Single Post Only) 🤖

Your very own writing Replica, that creates content in your writing style, tones & voices... As much as you want... Everyday!.. ON-AUTOPILOT!!

This Automation Template WILL:

➡️ - Select a Topic, Voice, Tone, Writing Style & Structure, from a preset / pre-defined list at random.

➡️ - Once it Selects a Topic, Writing Voice, Writing Tone Combination, Post Style & Tweet Structure/Framework (with Examples), A.I. will then craft a beautifully written Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn post on that topic, based of the Randomly Selected Options.

➡️ - Then it posts the content automatically on a schedule that you set (On Auto - Pilot)

➡️ - Repeat as many times as you want, depending on how often you want to Tweet / Post.

With this template, you don’t have to worry about tweeting content every day. You can set it up and relax, and watch your Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin account grow organically, while you focus on other aspects of your life / business, or enjoy your free time.

And the best part is you can set it to post only once a day or 5 or 10 or as much as you like

👨‍💼 Who is it for?

⚜️ - Anyone looking for a more efficient way to auto-create and schedule social media posts without even touching their device.

⚜️ - Individuals looking to increase their online visibility with minimal effort.

⚜️ - Content creators who want to grow their social media presence without being glued to their phones.

⚜️ - Entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to automate their social media marketing.

⚜️ - Small business owners who need to post on social media but don’t have the time to do so manually.

⚜️ - Busy professionals who want to stay active on social media without having to dedicate too much time to it.

⚜️ - People who want to use their social media presence to promote their personal brand & build authority.

⚜️ - Anyone interested in experimenting with the power of AI to generate unique and engaging content.

⚜️ - Digital marketers who need to create social media posts for multiple platforms.

⚜️ - Freelancers or contractors who want to generate content for their clients’ social media accounts.

⚡️ How does it work?

  1. Purchase

  2. Download the Template

  3. Import the Template

  4. Replace the "example Topics, Writing Voices & Writing Tone-Combinations" with as much of as you like.

  5. Connect OpenAi (GPT)

  6. Connect your Socials (Twitter / Linkedin / Facebook)

  7. Turn On.

ℹ️ What will you need?

〰️ A device to access Make.com (e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

〰️ A Make.com account (It’s free to sign up for a personal plan!)

Please remember:

This is also for personal use. You only hold a limited license to use this template and you cannot redistribute or reproduce or sell the template. If you have any questions please email [email protected].

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